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Technics SL1210 Phono Lead Output Socket Plate Upgrade

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Upgrade output socket plate for Technics SL1210 Turntables to replace the standard flying Phono (RCA) cables.

Now with the new light-weight Aluminium plate.

Easy to fit yourself in less than one hour for those handy with tools and a soldering iron.
No grounding wire needed. Just a good grade screened cable should be used. See Installation Instructions below.

If you prefer to send your turntable to us to have it done, the prices are as below.
( Prices include the output socket plate, spares and labour )

DIY fit yourself £18.95
One Turntable £40.00
Pair of Turntables £70.00

The upgrade plate replaces the Technics SL1210 flying Phono cable to provide a set of RCA sockets into which the Phono cable is then plugged. Using good grade screened cables there is no need for the grouding wire any more.

Using the Technics turntable output socket plate upgrade, the phono cables can be easily unplugged, and so can be replaced by the user at any time, saving the cost of sending the turntable in for repair to replace damaged or worn cables. The two sets of RCA sockets are parallel since some customers have uses for two output sets. Leads are not provided since most customers have their own preferences.


Technics SL1200/1210 RCA Upgrade Plate Installation Instructions

  1. Unscrew the acoustic insulation feet, and then unscrew the base plate from the turntable.
  2. Unscrew the original strain relief cable clamp and mounting plate to expose the internal wiring.
  3. De-solder the tone arm wires from the original PCB.
  4. De-solder, or simply cut, the long grounding/Earth wire from the solder tag on the PCB mounting screw. (Leave the internal ground wire still connected to the solder tag)
  5. Remove the original PCB and original flying leads, including the long grounding lead, leaving the remaining grounding wire still connected to the solder tag.
  6. Fit the new PCB using only the longer screw, while securing the ground wire solder tag as before. Tighten the other PCB mounting screw back in its hole. (It will just sit there idle)
  7. Solder the tone arm wires onto the new PCB according to the colours shown on the board.

    Technics SL1210 phono leads socket plate

  8. Position the RCA plate so that the side opposite its little PCB faces the PCB just installed. (There is really only one way that is easy to fit and that will allow free movement of the height adjust mechanism)
  9. Re-secure the new RCA plate with the two screws from the original plate.
  10. Re-fit the turntable base plate and screw back in the acoustic insulation feet.
    It should look like the images below.

    echnics SL1210 Phono Lead Output Socket Plate Upgrade echnics SL1210 Phono Lead Output Socket Plate Upgrade

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