Amplifier & Musical Equipment Repairs, Service & Modifications in Hampshire & Surrey

Repairs & Service

The Trusound repair workshop in Hampshire has a reputation for quality repairs and servicing of all types of audio equipment.


TruSound is an experienced musical instruments & equipment repair and servicing workshop who currently handle custom design work, warranty repairs & modifications for a variety of musical equipment manufacturers, large music stores and individual professional musicians & DJs.

The repairs & servicing workshop is managed by Steve, an electronics expert & musician. He understands how musical instruments & equipment work technically, plus how the instruments & equipment should sound & operate at a gig. This ensures musical instrument or equipment faults are diagnosed, repaired & serviced quickly.

So, if your mixer won't mix, your turntable won't turn, your speaker won't .......?

Well, you get the idea.

Repairs spares and parts for DJ mixers, turntables, PA sound equipment, speakers and amplifiers.

QUOTATIONS: (available only once equipment has been inspected by a technician)

TruSound cannot quote for a repair or service until a technician has inspected the equipment. There are so many components and variables to consider, that quoting based only on your description of the fault cannot be considered. However, most repairs are done in 1 hr. which gives an average labour cost of only £35.00. (Spares are charged as needed and shown separately on the invoice)


Repairs are accepted by post or courier delivery, or you can bring the equipment to the workshop yourself.

Please include your full name and return address, plus an Email address that will accept an invoice attachment.


Collect yourself or request a delivery to your mainland UK address. Small items will be despatched by post, (Royal Mail charges apply), and larger items by courier, (each item up to 30kgs weight approx £10.00 per item).

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